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Fairy Treasure Game  

May the fairies be with you as your quest for the Fairy Treasure begins!

Behold the legend of the Fairy Treasure - about an evil, greedy troll that stole the great treasure from the Kingdom of Trollandia and has carefully guarded it in his cave ever since.

In your quest of recapturing the treasure you travel along the Fairy River on your magic raft, and in more than 120 levels you will struggle against hags, goblins and other evil wills that guard the river paths.

Gather magic scroll parts to find hidden treasures, solve puzzles to unlock secret areas and collect ancient keys to unleash the mighty chain ball!

In this gorgeous brick-busting game you will discover lots of new fun bricks and amazing power ups never seen before!

Game Features:

Magic fairy tale theme with a compelling story
Over 120 levels of brick-busting fun
New fun bricks and amazing power ups never seen before
Three difficulty levels
Save your progress, player profiles and high score
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System Requirements:
 • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista  •  Pentium 800 MHz CPU  •  96 MB RAM  •  DirectX 5 or later
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